Al Jalil Garden

Al Jalil developers have inaugurated this mega project and get a great response massively due to prime location, development, and beautiful infrastructure. Al Jalil developers have always done their best to facilitate and now AL JALIL GARDENS and other projects are their examples. The developers furnished this project according to modern needs where investment and lifestyle are profitable and deluxe. This place can be your dream place where you can live a modern life. Al Jalil developers have developed this community to improve lifestyle. Everything has been managed perfectly in this housing society and you will be facilitated by remarkable features. Your dream has to be fulfilled by living in this society. You will enjoy a peaceful, clean and calm environment in the community amid a lush green society.

Modern features are nonetheless, and a standardized lifestyle will be given to you for your better future. This modern project has prepared investors to invest their money on a profitable scale. These services are the best option to upgrade your living standards. All amenities and services are available closely you don’t have to go too far to facilitate yourself with daily basic needs. Progress work I this housing project is still going on. That is why the investment and your property’s value and price will increase accordingly. AL JALIL GARDEN can be your dream investment and living choice. The place is providing a supreme living atmosphere, high-class features, and the best locality of Lahore, all at smart prices This project is a true sense a premium example of luxurious and peaceful living:

Facilities And Services:

Al Jalil Garden is a deliberate kind of community that is equipped with all types of modern facilities and services. It is a prestigious place to live and fulfill your wish and dream of the best place to live as it is well furnished and featured with top quality services:

Advanced Security System:

To meet the standard of being a modern and present community this project of Al Jalil Developers has provided the best security system with innovative 24/7 CCTV camera facilities. Safe and secure for residents in this gated community is promised. As it has now become a secure place to invest your money and ideas for your future. Surveillance gadgets are invested everywhere to monitor everything in society. Safe entrance of people has been ensured by the security of the society. Not only all entrances and exits are supervised by security cameras but the whole community is at the site of CCTV cameras to avoid any mishap.

Educational Facilities:

Al Jalil Garden has some of the best educational institutions that provide quality education. You have not to worry about the education of your children as many top-rated schools are built within the society as well as near it. Primary as well as high schools are developed in society to provide an educational environment to children. All the schools have the high educated faculty for a better future.

Commercial Areas And Shopping Centres:

The basic need of a residential society is the shopping centers and markets. All the locals of Al Jalil Garden have the best opportunity to experience the fun of shopping malls. They have the most economical and best products. There is a vast commercial area which is sited in almost all sectors of this housing scheme. You can buy groceries of all types from these commercial stores. This is the best facility that you don’t have to go too far for shopping everything is at your doorstep.

Community Center:

A community center is developed so that the tenants would be able to attend the events that cannot be held in houses. That is why community centers and clubs are developed for better arrangements and proper fun. This place is very greatly furnished and people would be able to have exciting events.

Playgrounds And Jogging Tracks:

The most basic need of living is playgrounds. The developers have succeeded in providing the luxury. Parks are a very important part of society in Urban Development. This is why Al Jalil Garden has established playgrounds which is an additional major attraction. All the parks and playgrounds of the society have jogging tracks for the fitness freaks. The jogging tracks are settled within the playgrounds and parks and also built outside the grounds. That is why people use these tracks to maintain their health and fitness without affecting their meal timings.

Community Mosque:

There is a central Masjid that is developed in this mega project. Al Jalil and all its projects are particularly designed for a convenient lifestyle. This mosque is for all Muslim residents to pray five times a day. This is to present the unity of the Muslim community. The mosque is reachable from all parts of the society however its infrastructure is well designed showing exterior and interior beautifully.

Proper Grid Station:

The main issue in Pakistan nowadays is Load shedding. There are many areas where electricity connection disrupts when a single rainfall happens in monsoon. We know that load shedding is a major issue and the wiring should be done efficiently so no rainfall or weather calamity disturbs it. That is the reason why all the electricity is supplied through underground wirings with powerful grid stations and 24 hours’ backup facility. This is the service that is provided to all the phases of AL Al Jalil Garden Lahore.

Clean Water Supply:

When it comes to the water supply, that is a serious issue in most of the areas. People have to wait for containers that supply stored water which can be a cause of diseases. In these crucial circumstances, Al Jalil has provided the secure and proper water supply through the tube well and the storage through the clean water storage tanks which supply each lane and sectors accordingly. Those who are facilitated by clean water are truly blessed.

Advance Sewerage System:

The sewerage system is also made to produce a neat and clean civilization. That is why we did not fail at any time to provide the clean pipeline system. All the sewerage systems and pipelines are fixed and managed well so the residents would not face any problems even in the rainy season.

Sui Gas Supply:

Then move towards the Sui gas supply. This is also a very important feature of the Al Jalil Garden. There is an appropriate pipeline structure that is placed underground so that every home can enjoy the facility of Sui Gas Supply. This is an immense advantage for the residents as many other housing societies still do not have appropriate Sui gas connections.


In case of any emergency, the residence need not be worried about any health emergency. We have up-to-date and well-equipped hospitals where the best health care services are available to people. The hospital has modern machinery and paramedic who are skillful in providing the best services to people.