Al Noor Orchard

Al Noor Orchard Housing Scheme

Al Noor Orchard is a premium housing scheme approved by LDA in the West of Lahore by Al-Jalil developer is located 3km away from Faizpur interchange along M2 motorway. Al Noor Orchard Lahore is the only luxurious housing society that you’d love to live in future. This deluxe gated community is one of its kind and a great opportunity for living.

This project is not only an ideal place to live but a lush place for all commercial enterprises. This project is connected to CPEC and offers you 3,5,10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots on secure and simple monthly payment plan.


Al Noor Orchard Lahore is an LDA approved beautiful housing society developed by globally well-known Al-Jalil developers

Al Noor Orchard

Processing Fee 5,000 for 3 & 5 Marla, 10,000 for 10 Marla, 20,000 for 1 kanal. *Terms and condition apply. Development Charges Are Included.

West Marina Executive


Al Noor Orchard

West Marina Executive


Al Noor Orchard



Category Total Price Booking Amount Balloting within 1.5 Year One Year Before Possession Possession Within 4 Year Balloon Payment 50X Monthly Installment
2nd Floor 3,900,000 550,000 620,000 390,000 390,000 100,000 27,000
1st Floor 4,400,000 650,000 670,000 440,000 440,000 125,000 29,000
Ground Floor 4,900,000 750,000 720,000 490,000 490,000 150,000 31,000
5-M (Villa) 9,000,000 1,350,000 1,350,000 900,000 900,000 250,000 60,000

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  • Al Noor Orchard
    3 Km From Faizpur Interchange, Main Sharqpur Road, Lahore.

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  • 0321 6996622

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Al Noor Orchard Lahore West Marina Cottage and Villas

Al Noor Orchard is an economical and vulnerable residential plan comprises over 40 acres of elite land. This premium society facilitates with highly systemized infra structure. All services are furnished by enthusiasm and commitment of developers. Following are some high-quality facilities:

Jamia Masjid of Al Noor Orchard:

Al Noor Orchard tried its best to meet its residents needs so as for religious ones also. To accommodate spiritual obligation of locals, developers have developed a great Jamia Mosque. This Mosque with its beautiful interior and exterior provides a better platform for residents to offer their prayers and make their bond stronger with Allah. This Jamia Mosque offers a pleasant environment to offer their rituals according to their will.

Our Gated Community:

First and foremost, priority of Al Noor Orchard Lahore is always to secure its residents. That’s why society has equipped the best security system to its tenant. A great gated community is organized to ensure the safety. 24/7 CCTV cameras and other inspection devices are inserted for extensive and immediate safety. A safe mechanism ensures the boundary wall of the society which provides the maximum level of security to the society.

Stand By Power Supply And Gas Provision:

The current situation of load shedding in summers lead the developers to establish the power assistance mechanism and steady power supply for a modern housing scheme as promised. To maintain the beauty of the society developers have done their best by providing fundamental utilities from planting lines underground as drooping and hanging wires overhead would give the society an untidy and old-fashioned look. Modern housing schemes demands this type of modern facilities and amenities. Gas, another basic need of every household. That’s why planners provided a lush and grand gas infra structure in range of every house of the society to establish the fancy life style.

Lush Green Parks of Al Noor Orchard Cottage and Villas:

Parks and greenery always add an extravagant beauty to the spot. Al Noor Orchard is none less than the others that’s why to make the direct bond with nature society has done its best to yield amusement parks for public. Families can often spend their peaceful time in nature and enjoy their healthy life. Parks are well-designed by competent developers and horticulture authorities.

Community Clubs:

There are many occasions that demand gatherings and meet ups of society. For these meetups society is offering a grand community club for occasions to organize social events as this is also a healthy activity for locals. Meeting and gathering at one place gives a better opportunity to know each other and become a family.

Mini Zoo:

“Zoo” a place quite explained by its own name. Zoo is the most favourite place of Kids as well as their parents. To explore the beauty of nature by observing it deeply makes you realize how beautifully nature has crafted the ecosystem. Mini Zoo of the society gives the best chance to enjoy from nearby.

Waste Management System:

Poor sanitary system can make housing society flop. Every housing scheme demands the best waste management. Al Noor Orchard Lahore provides the most efficient waste system that can cop up with every kind of heavy loads of waste easily. This is organized by highly equipped technology and vehicles. Recycling can only make your environment pleasant and clean. Safe and tidy environment is speciality of our society.

Water Filteration Plant:

Unhygienic water can cause many diseases. Some diseases caused by infected water can often lead to death. Our society has the best water filtration system that is clean and safe from every kind of unhygienic and toxic content. Al Noor Orchard has done its best to provide the prime quality living resources.

Health Care Facility:

24/7 health care facility is available in this society. This will be like no other society like its health facilities. Society is going to offer the best healthcare facilities to its tenants. These services will be state-of-the-art. The doctors and paramedic workers will be highly trained to offer top-class treatment 24/7. These hospitals, labs, and clinics are capable to treat several patients and do it efficiently with the help of trained staff and medical specialists. Workload and patient load will not be an issue in the hospital of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore.