Al Rehman Garden: Luxurious Living at a Reasonable Price

Al Rehman Garden is a premier residential neighborhood in Lahore that offers luxurious living at a reasonable price. Anyone wishing to invest comfortably on a moderate budget should definitely consider it. Al Rehman Garden is seen by both buyers and real estate brokers as the perfect place to invest.

Al Rehman Garden’s developers have accomplished a noteworthy milestone by building Pakistan’s most advanced housing community. They set a high bar in the real estate industry by offering a comfortable lifestyle at a fair price. Al Rehman Garden is unique in Pakistan for providing excellent homes at competitive costs.

In the Lahore Division, Al Rehman Garden is a huge and remarkable construction that stretches over 7200 kanals.

Phase 2 of Al Rehman Garden

Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 offers a fusion of community, comfort, and convenience. This phase, which is well situated between the M2 Motorway to the west, Sharaqpur Jarranwala Road to the north, the River Ravi and Saggian Bypass to the east, and both, blends urban living with peaceful surroundings.

The highly sought-after residential neighborhood of Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 is known for its superb development and top-notch amenities, which were initially offered in Phase 1. For many, this outstanding project is the best option because it provides inhabitants with peace of mind and convenience.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 developers

Al Rehman Developers, a reputable real estate company with a stellar track record of completed projects in Lahore, Sialkot, Gujranwala, and Muridke, are the developers of Al Rehman Garden Phase 2. With their global lifestyle products and impressive returns on investment, they want to draw in both investors and end consumers.

Projects by Al Rehman Developers

  • Al Rehman Garden Sialkot
  • Al Rehman Commercial Center Gujranwala
  • Garden City Muridke

Al-Rehman Garden Phase 2 NOC Status

The NOC status for Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 Lahore is approved by TMA. Every housing society’s legal standing is essential to winning over residents and investors. A housing society that has received approval for a NOC provides safe real estate investments, giving prospective customers peace of mind.

Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 Location

Al Rehman Garden Phase 2, which is close to the main Jaranwala-Lahore Road on Faizpur Road, provides quick access to the district courts and Lahore’s walled city. It is a luxury residential property in Lahore because of its excellent location. The Saggian Bypass and Ravi River are only a few kilometres away from the society, and there are easy access points via the M2 Motorway, Jaranwala-Sharaqpur Road, and Ring Road.


Nearby Locations

  • Al Jalil Garden
  • Adams Housing Society
  • Shadman Enclave Housing Society
  • Lahore Motorway City
  • Marina Sports City


  • Ravi River is 12 minutes away
  • Lahore Ring Road is 10 minutes away
  • Amna Inayat Medical College is 8 minutes away
  • M2 Motorway is just 2 minutes away
  • Faizpur Exit Toll Plaza is 5 minutes away
  • District Courts are 15 minutes away

Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 Master Plan

A skilled team has diligently designed the Al Rehman Garden Phase 2 master plan, which offers first-rate amenities and facilities, including both commercial and residential plots. Pakistanis living in Pakistan and those living abroad should prioritize this well-thought-out project, which makes it simple for clients to select the land category of their choice.

Residential Plots

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla.
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

The Amenities and Facilities at Al Rehman Garden Phase 2

Al Rehman Garden Lahore is intended to offer its residents outstanding services and amenities, improving their quality of life and guaranteeing an opulent lifestyle.

Medical Services

On the society’s grounds, Al Rehman Garden residents have access to exceptional medical care. Al Rehman Hospital guarantees that patients receive the best care possible because to its state-of-the-art medical equipment and skilled staff.


Al Rehman Garden’s educational facilities are made to provide the best possible contemporary education. Renowned educational establishments including Punjab College, Punjab School, Lahore Grammar School, and Allied School are located in the society and offer top-notch education by keeping their curricula current.

Club Community

A first-rate community club with a full fitness center and a social hub for residents is located in the center of Al Rehman Garden. This sophisticated facility fosters well-being and a sense of community.

Gas & Electricity Underground

Al Rehman Garden has a steady gas supply and an underground electrical infrastructure to guarantee the highest level of safety and dependability. Residents don’t need to worry about anything as long as they have continuous access to these necessities.

Exercise Facility

Modern equipment in the fitness center at Al Rehman Garden enables residents to work out regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This facility supports residents’ continued physical activity and adherence to the high standards of the community.

Parks & Playgrounds

There are several parks and playgrounds in Al-Rehman Garden, offering lots of areas for leisure and fun. The well-kept sports grounds in Phase 2 are open to residents for their preferred outdoor activities and sports.

Offering Al Rehman Garden Lahore, a residential community that embodies luxury, safety, and convenience, as an authorized dealer here makes us proud. Al Rehman Garden offers outstanding facilities and amenities, transforming it from a mere residential area into a lifestyle enhancement. Every element of this society, including healthcare, education, shopping, fitness, and security, is intended to offer an unmatched quality of life. Come see us at Saeed Properties to get the ideal Al Rehman Garden residence in Lahore.