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Introduction of Kings Town Lahore

The Kings Town Lahore is a beautiful and affordable residential housing Society situated on the southern side of Lahore. This side of Lahore is newly developed and is the center of attraction for real estate investors. This project is developed by Al-Kabeer developers. The previous developments of Al-Kabeer developers, such as Al-Kabeer Town Phase I and II, were a great success. The Kings Town Lahore is the most recent project by Al-Kabeer Developers that is located on Main Raiwind Road. It is also Phase III of Al-Kabeer Town. The great success of King’s town motivated the administration to launch sector B of the town.

The Projects of Al-Kabir Developers are as follows:

  • Al-Kabir Town Phase-I
  • Al-Kabir Town Phase-II
  • Kings Town
  • Maryam Town
  • Platinum Homes
  • Lake View Residencia

The legality of the project has been ensured as it has been approved by the LDA and assured of prompt delivery as promised. This magnificent housing society offers 3 and 5 Marla residential plots and ready-made houses. The society offers various categories of commercial properties as well. This magnificent society is deliberately built to fulfill the requirements of its inhabitants. Construction work is in progress, plots are being allotted to the owners and a model house is constructed for the visitors.

Kings Town Lahore Lifestyle Saeed Properties

The Owners and Developers of Kings Town Lahore:

The Kings Town Lahore is the project of Al-Kabir Developers. It was launched by Chaudhry Aurangzeb who is the Chairman & Founder of the company. The Kings Town was launched on 1st November 2020. The Kings Town Sector B was launched on 1st December 2021.

Ch. Aurangzeb has a real estate background with vast knowledge of this field. The first project of the Company, Al-Kabir Town, was started with great enthusiasm. Because of its strategy, development, quality, and moderation. Al-Kabeer Town achieved great success in recent years. The developers have gained customers’ trust through quality work and by giving on-time possession. Al-Kabeer Town has achieved its goal of completing Phase-I and Phase-II before the promised time. Phase-III, also known as Kings Town, is delivered on time. A new block at Kings Town is about to launch as sector B.

Kings Town Lahore LDA Approved

The NOC of Kings Town Lahore:

Kings Town Lahore is an LDA Approved Project, which is great news for all the real estate investors. In addition, Al-Kabeer developers reserved 100% of the land rights before the start of the project. This action of the developer has made this housing society a safe investment for all investors.

The Location of Kings Town Lahore:

Kings Town Lahore is situated on the southern side of Lahore. The main entrance of the society is located on Raiwind Road. Following are the distances from Kings Town Lahore to the main locations of the city.

  • 1 minute drive from Kings Town Lahore to Main Raiwind Road.
  • 5 Minutes drive from Kings Town Lahore to Bahria Orchard Lahore.
  • 7 Minutes drive from Kings Town Lahore to Superior University.
  • 8 Minutes drive from Kings Town Lahore to Adda Plot / Ring Road.
  • 8 Minutes drive from Kings Town Lahore to Raiwind.
    10 Minutes drive from Kings Town Lahore to Bahria Town Lahore.
  • 15 Minutes drive from Kings Town Lahore to Thoker Niaz Baig.
  • 15 Minutes drive from Kings Town Lahore to M2 Motorway.
  • 30 Minutes drive from Kings Town Lahore to Allamah Iqbal International Airport.

Life at Kings Town Lahore – Saeed Properties:

Kings Town is the best housing society that successfully grabbed the attention of real estate investors in a very short period of time. Al-Kabir developers played a very smart role in their success with a very short history. Kings Town’s success is based on the previous experience of the people they got from Al-Kabir Town. Because Al-Kabir Town has set a high standard of residence that is remarkable in the real estate industry.

The administration of King’s Town Lahore has provided all the facilities and amenities that a resident can require while living in the society. The first and foremost thing most people see in any housing society is that it is equipped with all the necessities of life. Kings Town Lahore is at the forefront of this possibility with all these attractions on its premises. Following are the facilities that the administration is providing in Kings Town:

Gated Community – Kings Town Lahore:

An ideal Housing Society is one that provides security to the residents of the society. Keeping in view of that fact, society has placed a checkpoint or a gate at the entrance of the society. The Society’s residents are fully protected by a security system that includes 24-hour CCTV surveillance equipment. This is a walled housing society that keeps irrelevant visitors away from the premises of the residential area.

Kings Town Lahore Gate
Kings Town Lahore Security Guard

24/7 Security Guards – Kings Town Lahore:

Kings Town Lahore has installed a high-security system that would give residents 24-hour protection and safety. Without a safe community, all services are pointless. Residents should feel secure, which can only be done if the security system is kept in good working order. Furthermore, a highly qualified team of security guards is hired to execute security goals day & night.

Dedicated Stand by Power Supply & Gas provision:

The current situation of electricity supply is the biggest problem in Pakistan. Everyone needs continuous power backup to execute their routine without any interruption. Kings Town Lahore has set up a private Grid station to fulfill the electricity needs. The developers also buried the electricity cables to ensure the esthetic of the society by hiding excessive power poles, which look heavy and random.

Gas is another important component of a home kitchen. In order to provide a comfortable existence with all the comforts and luxuries, the administration of the society has provided timely gas infrastructure at the doorstep of the residents.

Kings Town Lahore Electricity Supply
kings Town Lahore Masjid

The Masjid at Kings Town Lahore:

The administration of Kings Town Lahore caters to all the needs of its residents, including religious concerns. To this end, the developers plan to build mosques in every block, including the main mosque, where people can strengthen their relationship with God by praying.

Wide Carpeted Road at Kings Town Lahore:

Roads are the arteries of the economy of the estate. It is also a very important factor in the attractiveness of the society and a source of comfort for the residents. To guarantee smooth development, Kings Town Lahore has made tremendous progress in roads and other infrastructure using professionalism and existing technology. The 120-feet-wide Main Boulevard leads to Kings Town phase-1 and the inner streets of the residential area are 40 feet wide.

kings Town Lahore Carpeted Roads
kings Town Lahore Horticulture

The Horticulture in Kings Town Lahore:

Greenery is a symbol of life and it plays a great role in the ecosystem of the atmosphere. Gardens are an important part of a residential society because they provide a safe place for children and families to spend their time and establish healthy relationships to develop a beautiful community. To that end, the administration has planned to develop a theme park and small parks in every block.

The Community Club at Kings Town Lahore:

A community club is a facility that offers a variety of services under one roof. Gym, food court, barber shop, entertainment, event halls, malls, and bazaars are examples. Kings Town Lahore has a plan to set up a community club for homeowners so that they can participate in social activities together on special occasions, which is a beneficial activity for residents. Residents can also enhance their sports and fitness by participating in sports organized by community groups. This will allow residents to form new relationships, which are essential for the development of a healthy community.

kings Town Lahore Community Club
kings Town Lahore Golf Course

Golf Course – Kings Town Lahore:

The Kings Town Lahore has spared 240 Kanal Land for developing an artificial lake and Mini golf course for the residents of the society.

Healthcare Facilities – Kings Town Lahore:

Kings Town Lahore residents will have access to the best healthcare facilities. These healthcare facilities will be of the highest quality. In an emergency, doctors and non-medical staff will be present for the best possible care. These hospitals, labs, and clinics will effectively treat a large number of patients with the help of qualified staff and medical professionals.

kings Town Lahore Health Care
kings Town Lahore Commercial Hub

The Commercial Hub – Kings Town Lahore

As the population grows, requirements for commercial activities also grow. To meet the demands of the residents, the management of the society has created business zones in the form of commercial plots and commercial zones where all business-related activities can take place on a regular basis without any hassle.

Land Details of Kings Town Lahore – Saeed Properties

Kings Town Lahore has two Phases, Phase-I and Phase-II.

The Kings Town Phase 1 has two sectors:

  • Sector – A
  • Sector-B (Golf Enclave)

The sector-A of the town is adjacent to the Main Entrance of Kings Town. It includes Commercial Area near the main entrance and Residential Area which include 3.5 Marla to 1 Kanal plot. And at some distance from Sector-A, there exists Sector-B which is also called Golf Enclave. The Golf Enclave includes 3 & 5 Marla plots only.

The Plot Sizes at Phase 1:

  • 3 Marla (Residential)
  • 5 Marla (Residential)
  • 4 Marla (Residential)
  • 6 Marla (Residential)
  • 1 Kanal (Residential)

 Kings Town Lahore Phase-II:

The Kings Town Phase II is recently launched. It has only One Block, which is:

  • Executive Block

The selling of plots has been started in Executive. The Plots size offered in this block are shown below:

  • 5 Marla (Residential)
  • 7 Marla (Residential)
  • 10 Marla (Residential)
  • 1 Kanal (Residential)

Kings Town Commercial Details:

Kings Town offers commercial plots in different locations with different sizes and different payment plans. Kings Town has launched Raiwind Road facing and other commercials as follows:

  • A-Block Commercial
  • Lake-View Commercial
  • City Center Commercial

Kings Town 5 Marla Portion:

King’s Town 5 Marla portion is available on a 4-year installment plan that provides various options such as the ground floor, first floor, and second-floor accommodation. The further payment details are as below:

The booking Requirements Kings Town, Lahore

For Local Residence Clients

  • CNIC Copy
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Nominee CNIC copy
  • Cash/pay order of down payment

For Overseas Pakistanis

  • CNIC copy
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Nominee CNIC copy
  • Cash/ Pay order of down payment
  • Online payment on the registered account of the company

 Frequently Asked Questions – Kings Town Lahore

Where is Kings Town Lahore located?

Kings Town is located in a prime location at Main Raiwind Road, Lahore.

Is Kings Town LDA-Approved?

Yes, Kings Town is LDA Approved.

Who is the developer of Kings Town?

AL Kabir Developers is the developer of Kings Town, Lahore.

When is Sector B of Kings Town, Lahore launched?

Kings Town Sector B was launched on 1st December 2021.

What’s the payment plan for Kings Town Sector B?

Kings Town offers a 4 years payment plan for Sector B.