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Lahore Smart City – Saeed Properties

 Introduction of Lahore Smart City:

Lahore Smart City is an emerging real estate housing project located in Lahore, the capital city of Punjab province of Pakistan. This housing society is developed by a group of companies which already have experience in the development sector past many years. Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd. (HRL) and Future Development Holdings Pvt. Ltd. (FDH) are the stake holders of Lahore Smart City.

Lahore Smart City is located at the top-notch location that is a gateway to multiple cities of Pakistan that makes it unique & accessible residential society in Lahore.

It is situated at GT Road N5 near Kala Shah Kaku Interchange M2 Motorway.

Habib Rafiq Group Lahore Smart City

Its fast and rapid development style and on time delivery has made it able to get approved from Lahore Development Authority (LDA) earlier than any other society.

Lahore Smart City is spread over 20,000 + Kanals of land across the Lahore Bypass. The administration is still buying more & more land to expand the society. The society will facilitate the residents with 132 Kv grid station to supply 24/7 electricity.

The 150-foot Main Boulevard, which is 3,000 feet long, is nearing completion. In addition, the management of Lahore Smart City has been successfully approved to cross the railway lines through underpass. This Eco-friendly society offers 5, 10 & 1 Kanal plots and Commercial property of 4 and 8 Marla Sizes.

The vision of Lahore Smart City:

Individuals are greatly affected by the conditions of their living environment. A positive and clean environment promotes good health and wellness. Lahore Smart City envisioned to develop an Eco-friendly and smart living in Pakistan to attain healthy, social, and economic benefits.

The Mission of Lahore Smart City:

Eco-friendly Society by using Green-Tech combination has a huge positive impact on the surrounding environment and its eco-system. Lahore Smart City has a mission to build a unique housing society that should be very affordable, luxurious, smart, and eco-friendly.

The Developers of Lahore Smart City:

Lahore Smart City is a project of Habib Rafique Private Limited and Future Development Holdings Private Limited. Both of these companies have a strong experience in the civil-architecture development from past many decades. They are well aware of international standards as compare to any other company in Pakistan because they are not only serving Pakistan, they are running many other international projects across the world. This initiative was initiated by FDH and HRL in order to meet the rising trend for smart & Eco-idle cities in the Real Estate industry of Pakistan.  They have combined their experience and human resources to create this tremendous housing project. Capital Smart City Islamabad is a shiny example of the joint venture of Habib Rafiq Private Limited and Future Development Holding Private Limited.

Lahore Smart City’s Master Plan is Planned by Surbana Jurong the Asia’s top leading real estate consultant Singaporean company for the development of infrastructure. Almost more than 7 other companies are the Plan Designing partner with Surbana Jurong.

Lahore Smart City Life Style
Lahore Smart City LDA Approved

The NOC of Lahore Smart City:

The Lahore Smart City is approved from Lahore Development Authority since year 2020. Its approval can be verified from LDA’s Official Website.

The Location of Lahore Smart City:

Lahore Smart City is situated on the Northern side of Lahore. The main entrance of the society is located on GT Road N5 Gujranwala few meters away from Kala Shah Kaku interchange M2 Lahore. Following are the distances from Lahore Smart City to the main locations.

  • 1 Minute drive from GT Road Gujranwala.
  • 1 Minute drive from Kala Shah Kaku Interchange M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.
  • 1 Minute drive from M11 Lahore-Sialkot Motorway.
  • 15 Minutes drive from DHA Lahore.
  • 20 Minutes drive from Allamah Iqbal International Airport.
  • 20 Minutes drive from Mall Road Lahore.
  • 20 Minutes drive from Thokar Niaz Baig.
  • 35 Minutes drive from Gujranwala.

Life at Lahore Smart City – Saeed Properties:

Lahore Smart City is a one of the few housing schemes in Pakistan that introduced Eco-Friendly culture with the mixture of technology. This Smart City is successfully introduced high standard of living that has zero example past in the history of Pakistan. This housing scheme is designed in such a way that one facility and its relevant facilities are centered into one district only. The administration of Lahore Smart City has planned to provide all the possible facilities that a resident can require while living in the society. Facilities that Lahore Smart city is offering in the society are mentioned below:

Security at Lahore Smart City:

All the facilities and matchless development is nothing without a feel of security among the residents. Therefore, Lahore Smart City has setup hi-Tech surveillance system assisted by CCTV Camera and artificial intelligence system. Moreover, the society is a gated community and is totally walled.

Security at Lahore Smart City
Smart Technology of Lahore Smart City

Smart Technology of Lahore Smart City:

Lahore Smart City aspires to provide unique and sustainable development.

It will constantly use technology, housing data, and other information to improve infrastructure and solve issues. This may include access to 24-hour electricity, low-cost housing, High-level education and health-care services, smart security system, Smart Street Lights, Intelligent traffic management, solar power generation etc.

Quality Living at Lahore Smart City:

The housing society is designed in such a way that it produces a robust social atmosphere that people may experience sensuous and quiet life. Improved access to the residential society’s own public transportation and innovative solutions such as Smart Parking, Intelligent Traffic Management, and integrated Multi-Modal Transport are expected to promote urban freedom.

Quality Living Lahore Smart City
Career Opportunity Lahore Smart City

Career Opportunities at Lahore Smart City:

One of the appealing parts of living in Lahore Smart City is that the administration has created an opportunity for its citizens by being the first international business hub in local community and attracting foreign investors and corporations to invest in the society. Lahore Smart City may potentially result in a variety of commercial and service industry work opportunities, therefore contributing to Pakistan’s financial requirements.

Transportation System at Lahore Smart City:

Lahore Smart City is attempting to develop a sustainable transportation system so that citizens may move about the city with ease. The housing society will showcase a new cutting-edge transportation infrastructure that will be more efficient.

Transportation Lahore Smart City

Amenities & Facilities of Lahore Smart City:

The facilities that would be placed in Lahore Smart City are yet to be revealed by the administration. However, they have intimated that the facilities will be similar to or improved upon those of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

This housing society claims to provide its residents with a unique and modern living experience that will allow them to enjoy a luxury lifestyle. Lahore Smart City housing society would become the first smart city in Lahore, Punjab, by merging new technologies and displaying smart qualities.

We are listing below a few salient features of the housing society:

  • Smart & Eco-Sustainable city
  • Hi-Tech automated security
  • Intense use of Modern Technology
  • Green Friendly environment
  • Parks, Lakes & Play Lands
  • Jamia Masjid & Sector Masjid
  • 150 feet Main Entrance & 40 feet min. streets
  • Hi-Tech Steet & traffic lights
  • Metro-Bus system
  • Underground electricity
  • 24/7 supply of water, gas, and Electricity
  • Community Clubs that include Golf-courses, horse-riding clubs, Resorts, Sports Complexes & restaurants
  • World-Class hotels and shopping malls
  • Smart-Home Bylaws
  • Use of Mobile Apps to facilitate residents
  • Dedicated entrance from Motorway

Land Details of Lahore Smart City – Saeed Properties

The Lahore Smart City is divided into blocks and districts. The Blocks are purely for residence and districts are for business opportunities and partially for residence as well in the form of apartments and hotels.

Blocks of Lahore Smart City

  • Executive Block
  • Overseas Block
  • Water Front Residence
  • Golf View Residence
  • Green View Residence

Districts of Lahore Smart City

  • Panda Mart & Mix
  • Gate Precinct
  • Central Business District
  • Silicon Valley & Business Park
  • Global Village
  • Grand Jamia Mosque & Central Park
  • Lahore Theme Park
  • Food Tech Valley
  • Sports District
  • Health & Education District

Lahore Smart City Residential Plots:

Following are the residential plots sizes at Lahore Smart City:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots:

Following are the commercial plots sizes at Lahore Smart City:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Layout Plan of Lahore Smart City:

Lahore Smart City has established this housing community at the ideal location in Lahore based on their experience of many decades. The administration has provided top-Notch smart and eco-sustainable facilities. Moreover, the plots are available in very affordable prices even for the ones with limited budget.

This Society is divided into Blocks & Districts totaling 20,000 + Kanal.

The blocks & districts are designed to give residential plot sizes ranging from 5, 7, 10, 12 and 1 Kanal and commercial plots of 4 & 8 Marla.

Explaining Blocks & Districts of Lahore Smart City:

Overseas Block Lahore Smart City

Overseas Block Lahore Smart City:

The Overseas Block is another residential block of the housing society. It comprises residential plots and residential villas. Only people who are living out of Pakistan or have dual nationality can apply for a place in an overseas block.

The Overseas Block will be built with all the amenities which people can enjoy in a foreign country. Mosques, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shops, and education institutes are available inside the block.

Executive Block Lahore Smart City:

This residential block, like any other in the Lahore Smart City, would have houses and flats, mosques, retail businesses, playgrounds, jogging tracks, and a hyper-mart. The sole distinction is that the facilities in this block will be a little finer than those in the regular block. Furthermore, the plots in this block will be slightly more costly.

Executive Block Lahore Smart City
Lahore Smart City

Gate Precinct Lahore Smart City:

It is the first block following the housing society’s main gate. It will house the Lahore Smart City’s services office. This block will have 4 and 3 star hotels, as well as private residences and villas. This block will also have retail and commercial establishments, food courts, grocery stores, and mosques.

Farmhouses at Lahore Smart City:

Lahore Smart City offers farmhouses in the following sizes:

  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Farmhouses may be used for a variety of activities, including farming, pet-keeping, parties, get-togethers, family reunions, or simply relaxing with family.

Farm Houses At Lahore Smart City
Health Care District Lahore Smart City

Health Care District Lahore Smart City:

One of the district’s most notable characteristics is its 500-bed hospital, which will contain all health-care facilities and specialist physicians from every discipline. However, this neighborhood will also include some residential plots and villas, as well as commercial spaces for food and retail establishments.

Sports District Lahore Smart City:

The Lahore Smart City sports district will have grounds and venues for a variety of games and sports. It will have a cricket stadium, a football stadium, a badminton court, and a sports complex. It will feature residential plots and villas, as well as food outlets and cafés, retail businesses, and mosques, similar to the health care area.

Sports District Lahore Smart City
Silicon Valley Lahore Smart City

Silicon Valley Lahore Smart City:

This Lahore Smart City’s block will handle the majority of the technical and IT activities. Corporate offices, IT and software houses, warehouses, technology operational offices, retail offices, and customer support centers would be accessible in this block. Aside with these offices, there will be residential plots and villas, a mosque, and retail outlets.

Education District Lahore Smart City:

This building will serve as the housing society’s learning center. This block will house a number of schools, institutions, and a university. People that live on this block will be fortunate because schools are within walking distance.

Education District Lahore Smart City
Commercial District Lahore Smart City

Commercial District Lahore Smart City:

The Lahore Smart City commercial area, also known as the financial square, will comprise offices, banks, conference halls, hospitals, retail offices, 5-star boutique hotels, and the exposition hall, as well as residential flats and stores for daily needed items. In August 2021, Lahore Smart City will introduce commercial plots of 4 and 8 Marla.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plans – Saeed Properties:

In a housing society like Lahore Smart City, plot prices never remain constant. They continue to rise as demand grows. In 2018, the first Payment Plan was announced. According to that payment plan plots booking price was from 10% and 10% confirmation costs due after 2 months. Aside from that, the remaining cost of plots will be paid over the following three years in fourteen equal quarterly instalments that are simple and inexpensive.

Total Price of Residential Plots in Executive Block:

  • 5 Marla Plot = Rs. 2,375,000 (Excluding Own)
  • 7 Marla plot = Rs. 2,820,000 (Excluding Own)
  • 10 Marla Plot = Rs. 4,350,000 (Excluding Own)
  • 12 Marla Plot = Rs. 4,380,000 (Excluding Own)
  • 1 Kanal Plot = Rs. 7,125,000 (Excluding Own)

Total Price of Residential Plots in Overseas Block:

  • 5 Marla Plot = Rs. 2,500,000 (Excluding Own)
  • 10 Marla Plot = Rs. 4,480,000 (Excluding Own)
  • 1 Kanal Plot = Rs. 7,260,000 (Excluding Own)

Following are the terms & Conditions apply on special plots:

  • 15 % extra Charges apply on Main Boulevard Plots
  • 10 % extra Charges apply on Corner Plots
  • 10 % extra Charges apply on facing Park Plots
  • 10 % discount on full payment
  • 5 % discount on full payment
  • 15000 PKR Non-Refundable charges for reserving more than 5 marla plots.
  • Development Charges are not included

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan Commercial Plots:

Following are the total cost of Commercial plots at Lahore Smart City:

Total Price of Commercial Plots in Executive Block:

  • 4 Marla Plot = Rs. 8,950,000 (Excluding Own)
  • 8 Marla Plot = Rs. 17,450,000 (Excluding Own)

Total Price of Commercial Plots in Overseas Block:

  • 4 Marla = Rs. 9,450,000 (Excluding Own)
  • 8 Marla = Rs. 17,950,000 (Excluding Own)

Required Documents for Booking Plots:

If you want to book a plot in Lahore Smart City, then you will need the following documents to book your space:

  • 2 Passport size pictures
  • 2 Photocopies of your NICOP
  • 2 Photocopies of your next to Kin/ Nominee ID Card
  • Booking amount of the plot
  • Booking form

If you want to book a plot in the Overseas Block, then you need further legal documents which proves that you are living outside the country. For example, a copy of overseas CNIC or living address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the FAQs of the housing society:

Q 1. What is Lahore Smart City?

Ans: Lahore Smart City is the housing society, which will be the first smart housing society in Lahore. It is offering residential and commercial plots.

Q 2. Is it similar to Capital Smart City Islamabad?

Ans: Lahore Smart City will comprise similar facilities as Capital Smart City Islamabad. In fact, it will have more innovative features than the the Capital Smart City.

Q 3. Who are the developers of Lahore Smart City?

Ans: Developers of Lahore Smart City are Future Developments Holding Limited (FDH) and Habib Rafique Pvt. Ltd. (HRL). They are also the developers of Capital Smart City (CSC) Islamabad.

Q 4. Where is this housing society located?

Ans: The housing society is located near Lahore bypass and can be accessed through Lahore Ring Road and also from GT Road Lahore.

Q 5. Are commercial plots available in the housing society?

Ans: Yes, Commercial plots of 4 and 8 Marla are offered by LSC at very affordable prices.

Q 6. What is the status of the legal NOC of the housing society?

Ans: Lahore Smart City has acquired the NOC from Lahore Development Authority.

Q 7. Is the housing society launched yet?

Ans: Yes, Lahore Smart City is already launched by LDA.

Q 9. What is the rate of plots in Lahore Smart City?

Ans: Plots in Lahore Smart City can easily be bought in installments. Payment plans and rates of plots are given in the article.