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Omega Residencia Lahore – Saeed Properties

 Introduction of Omega Residencia:


Omega Residencia Lahore (Project of Omega Developers) is a modern residential housing project that is a name of excellence in terms of a quality environment, secure boundaries, free of all pollution, and overall management. Omega Residencia management has a deep focus on rapid developmental growth. Sooner or later, this project will become one of the most renowned projects in Pakistan.

This project was started with a small piece of land comprising Sector-A only. The project kept on expanding due to the vision of the management and now it is consisting of 1600 Kanal land and has not stopped yet. Society’s expansion has reached 6 sectors including sector-A. These sectors are named Sector-A, Sector-B, Sector-C, Sector-D, Omega Homes & Vaha Istanbul which is a new sector in the society.

Omega Residencia has a keen interest in providing basic facilities to the residents.  The management delivers an enjoyable and exceptional lifestyle that improves the comfort and reliability of the lives of the residents.

The vision of Omega Residencia:

Omega Residencia came into the real estate industry with the vision of serving the nation by providing the opportunity to the middle class to become the owner of their own dream home. Omega Residencia Lahore is raising the slogan line “Plot in 6500 Rs./ Month installment”.  This slogan has become the individuality of Omega Developers. This target is achieved by presenting a very relaxed payment plan of 5 years duration to the clients.

The Mission of Omega Residencia:

According to internationally defined bylaws, Omega Residencia Lahore has a very clear mission to build a unique housing society that should be very affordable, branded, eco-friendly, and fully developed. Possession of Sector-A has proven the mission of the developer.

The Owners and Developers of Omega Residencia:

Omega Villas Private Limited is the developer of the Omega Residencia Lahore. This company was established back in 2010 and the project was started in 2011. The developer is committed to offering a luxury lifestyle at reasonable prices to everybody who wishes to enjoy a dream home.  Society has always raised the slogan “Plot in 6500 Rs.” The company is successfully flourishing because the developer aims to complete projects within a given timeline.

Omega Villas Pvt. Ltd. Is carrying a vision of expanding its business in multiple niches. So other sites and businesses are following:

  • Omega Residencia Faisalabad
  • Omega Residencia Samundari
  • Omega Residencia Jhang
  • Omega Residencia Homes
  • Omega Residencia Paradise
  • Omega NEWS
  • Omega Malls & Shopping Centers
  • Omega Farm Houses
Omega Residecnia Lahore

The NOC of Omega Residencia Lahore:

The Omega Residencia Lahore is approved by LDA and has received NOC (No Objection Certificate) from respective bodies of the government for planning & development. This can be verified by the fact that the project’s owner, Ch. M. Sarwar, has received the best developer award from the Former President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain.

The Location of Omega Residencia Lahore:

The main attraction point of Omega Residencia Lahore is its Location. This society is situated at a location where different gateways of Lahore City are easily accessible.

Following are the distances from Omega Residencia Lahore to the main locations of the city.

  • 30 seconds drive from Omega Residencia Lahore to Main Sharaqpur Road.
  • 1 Minute drive from Omega Residencia Lahore to Faizpur Interchange M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.
  • 5 Minutes drive from Omega Residencia Lahore to Karachi Motorway M3.
  • 5 Minutes drive from Omega Residencia Lahore to Sheikhupura Road.
  •  7 Minutes drive from Omega Residencia Lahore GT Road N-5.
  •  7 Minute drive from Omega Residencia Lahore to Mall Road Lahore.
  • 10 Minutes drive from Omega Residencia Lahore to Thokar Niaz Baig.
  • 30 Minutes drive from Omega Residencia Allamah Iqbal International Airport.

This is very hard to find that kind of best location in a populated city like Lahore. However, Omega Residencia Lahore has an easy approach from all the above-mentioned sites which is no less than a blessing.

Life at Omega Residencia Lahore – Saeed Properties

Omega Residencia Developers have made sure that residents of the society must not have any single problem on the premises of the society. Therefore, they had the best possible arrangement of facilities and amenities for the residents.

CCTV Surveillance at Omega Residencia Lahore:

In the modern era when everything is computerized and centralized, the world is trying to enter into 5G which is only possible when every individual is identified by using technology. This is only possible at the society management stage by keeping a record of every person at the entrance and exit. The is highly recommended to use CCTV cameras to observe the activity within the society. This action helps the management to proceed with legal operations.

Omega Residencia Lahore has made sure the presence of CCTV cameras to provide the best security services.

Gated Society – Omega Residencia Lahore:

A secure environment is the basic requirement of a healthy lifestyle. This can only happen if and only if the boundaries of the society are covered by the walls and a single gated entrance/checkpoint is established.

Omega Residencia Lahore effectively monitors every individual whether he is a visitor, guest, or permanent resident of the society.

 24/7 Security Guards – Omega Residencia Lahore:

Omega Residencia Lahore has maintained CCTV Surveillance and a boundary wall around the premises of the society with the main entrance as a checkpoint. All of them are basic elements of a secure and sound residence but pursuing security goals can only be executed by the security guards. Omega Residencia Lahore has hired a military/police retired security manager and a dozen of guards who are 24/7 available in society.

Electricity at Omega Residencia Lahore:

According to Omega Residencia Management, the safety of the residents is the top priority for them, therefore, the safety feature of underground electrical infrastructure is at the top of the list. Another benefit of underground electricity is, that it is more aesthetically attractive than streets lined with big poles and bundles of cables. It also reduces the visual pollution of the Landscape and keeps the architecture pure. Underground electricity is the emerging trend in Pakistan’s real estate so Omega Residencia Lahore configures all the electrical installations underground to become part of the latest development.

24/7 energy backup at Omega Residencia Lahore:

Day and night continuous availability of electricity becomes impossible due to load shedding. To Overcome this problem Omega Residencia Lahore management set up solar energy and gas generators to facilitate residents of the society.

Jamia Masjid Omega Residencia Lahore:

Omega Residencia Lahore has inaugurated Jamia Masjid of the town in Ramazan 2022. This Jamia Masjid is fully air-conditioned and is the masterpiece of Muslim Architecture and Calligraphy.

Horticulture Omega Residencia Lahore:

Omega Residencia Lahore society is one of those housing projects which pay attention to horticulture. Recently developed Sector-A can be visited as proof of it where rare species of plants and expensive grass are planted in the streets.

Parks & play Lands Omega Residencia Lahore:

Omega Residencia Lahore Management has added many parks in the town planning. Parks play important role in community development where people interact and share their moments of joy and sorrow. Open Spaces and parks are also basic requirements for physical and psychological health. Therefore, Omega Residencia management has developed 19 Kanal park in Sector-A which is a masterpiece of horticulture design.

Zoo at Omega Residencia Lahore:

Omega Residencia Lahore Management set up a picnic point in sector-A for children. A Zoo is developed in society to entertain the residents and visitors.

Education at Omega Residencia Lahore:

Omega Residencia Lahore Management has developed a committee that takes care of the development of education matters and religious affairs. Although no School is setup is started in few coming months the management is committed to building schools in society as soon as possible.

Healthcare at Omega Residencia Lahore:

Omega Residencia Lahore Management is also interested in building a hospital within the premises of the society to facilitate the residents. The building for the hospital is about to be complete and maybe at the start of next year, a nice addition to the facilities at omega residencia Lahore will be seen.  

Layout plan of Omega Residencia Lahore:

Omega Residencia Lahore is developed according to Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and under the strict supervision of LDA inspectors. 44% area of the whole land is spared for public use which includes Roads, Green belts, public buildings like community centers, Masjid, parks, graveyards, etc. The rest of the land is for plotting purposes.

Land Details of Omega Residencia Lahore – Saeed Properties

Omega Residencia Lahore covers an area of more than 2000 Kanal including developed, under-developed, and future projects. This housing project is a masterpiece in terms of location, planning, development, facilities, authorization, and developer’s vision. Omega Residencia Lahore is divided into sectors and each sector contains different sizes of plots. The Omega Residencia Lahore project has two products one is PLOTS which includes residential and commercial property and the other is OMEGA HOMES which includes Double Story Villas and Apartments.

Sectors of Omega Residencia Lahore

Sector A

Sector A has mainly two blocks, Izmir Block and Venus Block. This block is ready to live. One can buy and build in Sector-A. A huge number of residents are living here. All facilities are available here.

Sector B

Sector B also has Two blocks, Undlas Block, and Valencia block. The whole sector-B is sold. Possession of this sector will be given in 2023.

Sector C

Sector C has four blocks, Baghdad Block, Khaybar Block, Jumairah Block, and Doha Block. Sector-C is one of the big sectors in omega residencia Lahore. The whole sector is sold and balloting of the files is expected at the end of this year 2023.

Sector D

Sector-D comprises Four blocks, Executive Block, Classic Villas Block, overseas block, and D-Supreme Block. This sector is Facing Motorway M2. The whole sector-D is sold. Balloting of the files is expected in the year 2024.

Sector Vaha Istanbul

Sector Vaha Istanbul is the newly launched block at Omega Residencia Lahore. Its details are provided in the payment plans sections.

Plots at Omega Residencia Lahore

Omega Residencia Lahore society is divided into multiple blocks that are Sector-A, Sector-B, Sector-C, Sector-D, Omega Homes, and Sector Vaha Istanbul (Newly launched sector in 2022).  There are two types of plots in all these blocks i.e. Residential Plots & Commercial Plots.

Residential plot sizes of Omega Residencia Lahore:

  • 3 Marla Omega Residencia Lahore
  • 5 Marla Omega Residencia Lahore
  • 7 Marla Omega Residencia Lahore
  • 10 Marla Omega Residencia Lahore

Commercial Plot sizes of Omega Residencia Lahore:

  • 2 Marla Omega Residencia Lahore
  • 4 Marla Omega Residencia Lahore

Payment Plans of Omega Residencia Lahore – Saeed Properties:

A payment plan in a residential project is as important as the backbone of human anatomy. All the departments of a company depend upon the payment plan. Omega Residencia Lahore is a very economical and pocket-friendly society not only on Sharaq-Pur Road but in Lahore as well providing affordable land prices.

Many residential societies are more expensive than Omega Residencia Lahore but this society offers the same extensive facilities as the others. They have managed their payment method with complete client satisfaction in mind.

Terms and Conditions of Payment:

  • 10% Extra Charges for Corner Plot
  • 10% Extra Charges for Facing Park
  • 10% Extra Charges for Main Boulevard Plots
  • 10% Discount will be offered for Full Payment.
  • 5% Discounts will be offered for Half Payment
  • Development charges are not included
Omega Residencia Payment Plan Sector A