West Marina Lahore Location And Map

West Marina Lahore Location And Map

Overview Of West Marina Lahore:

West Marina Al Noor Orchard, Lahore is the newest addition to the real-estate chapter of Lahore. It is indeed an orchard in a vast wilderness of concrete, and if something could define this orchard, it would be the three S’s, i.e., serene, spacious, and sumptuous. It’s not like other housing schemes in Lahore but has established itself as a hotspot of social flourishing, that marks the beginning of a new trend in real-estate development; an epitome of elegance, whose name has become synonym to comfort and cozy lifestyle at the same time.
Al Noor Orchard West Marina is a residential block of Al-Noor Orchard Lahore that has been approved by the LDA. The society is situated on the important Jaranwala Road, close to the Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway. Al-Jalil Developers created this magnificent work of art. The Al Noor Housing Society’s West Marina is a new development.

West Marina Al Noor Orchard, Lahore

West Marina is an advance & architecture vise, a unique sector launched at Al-Noor Orchard, Lahore back in 2021. This sector has a unique standard of development that has no example in the history of Pakistan’s Real Estate. West Marina Block has become the center of attraction as compared to the rest of the Blocks. The West Marina Block was so successful that the developer was enforced by the buyers to launch the West Marina Executive Block soon after the launch of the West Marina. West Marina is a complete lifestyle that offers West Marina Cottages, West Marina Villas & Central Commercial Area (CCA).

The Al Noor Orchard Housing Scheme is a housing development in Al Noor, Dubai. West Marina Cottages and Villas is Lahore’s next finest opulent lifestyle neighborhood. Al Noor Orchard offers a premium lifestyle, providing the enjoyment of a secure and safe environment with a futuristic approach that sets one’s heart on enjoying the most unforgettable moments of their life. West Marina Cottages and Villas provide the most luxurious living, bringing your aspirations to life.

West Marina Al Noor Orchard Location

The West Marina Al Noor Orchard Lahore is located at one of the prime localities in Lahore. It is right opposite the Faizpur Interchange, opposite the Al-Raziq Garden just a few minutes’ drive from Al Jalil Garden.

It is situated at Main Bazar Sharaqpur Sharif Road which links Lahore to Jaranwala. It is perfectly located at the junction of Karachi-Lahore Motorway and Faizpur Interchange. It is also very close to Babu Sabu Interchange and Ravi Tool Plaza is just 1.3 kilometers away.

West Marina Al Noor Orchard is accessible in the following ways:

• Right next to the Faizpur Interchange.
• Approximately 8 min drive to M-2 Motorway
• Approximately 8 min drive to M-3 Abdul Hakeem Motorway
• Approximately 9 min drive to Sagian Wala Bypass Rd
• Approximately 12 min drive to Lahore – Sargodha Rd
• Approximately 7 min drive to Lahore-Jaranwala Rd

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